Best Lavender Fields in Provence, France

Provence’s lavender fields rank among the most breathtaking natural vistas ever captured on camera. Visitors travel worldwide to witness the spectacular purple flower rows that extend for miles into the distance. There is nothing better than strolling through French lavender fields while enjoying the sensation of the sun on your skin, the sound of bees buzzing, and the distant Alps mountains. With the help of our comprehensive guide to Provence’s lavender fields, learn the top locations to visit and how to get there.

What is the Lavender in Provence used for?

France has some of the most breathtaking lavender fields in the world, and the ones in Provence are the greatest! Farmers cultivate two varieties of lavender in this area: fine and lavender.

Provence is known for its delicate lavender, used for its medicinal qualities. It grows nowhere else on the globe! Essential oils and perfumes made from this variety of lavender are prized for their calming, stress-relieving qualities.

Lavender has a considerably stronger scent and is not a suitable medication. Instead, it’s utilised to make scented items like lavender bags offered as gifts and souvenirs at the neighbourhood stores.

Where to See Lavender Fields in France

Lavender fields can be seen in many of Provence’s picturesque locations. Near gorgeous hilltop French villages are postcard-worthy views of undulating lavender fields, olive trees, homes, and mountains.

Valensole, Provence

The Plateau de Valensole is the ideal location to view lavender fields in Provence. Some of Europe’s most Instagrammable vacation locations can be seen as you meander down the twisting roads, lavender fields next to sunflower fields, visually arresting olive trees jutting out among the flowers, and abandoned farmers’ homes. It’s breathtaking to see the brilliant summer hues clash against the summer sky; it’s a moment to appreciate the wonders of nature. Since many of the fields face west, you can enjoy the lovely colours of the sunset as it sets against the fields in the evening.

Valensole village

The beautiful hillside settlement of Valensole is also located on the Valensole Plateau. In addition to being incredibly beautiful, there are excellent lodging alternatives and adorable boutique stores where you may purchase
souvenirs of lavender. There are many lavender farms to select from in the valley, where you may snap some unique pictures and discover more about the regional food.

Best Lavender fields in Provence

Lavendes Angelvin

One of the most impressive sights in all of Provence is the view of the snow-capped mountains with flowers in front of spot one and the surrounding roads! This area and the surrounding valley are captivating.

A thriving farm, Lavender Angelvin has an on-site store where you may purchase soaps, essential oils, and other lavender-related gifts and souvenirs. You can also participate in a tour to learn more about the production and the estate’s history.

Sunflowers & Lavender

There are lovely rows of symmetrical lavender at site 2. If you visit at the appropriate time, you can also see the nearby sunflower fields, which contrast yellow and purple.

Scenic Landscapes

Everywhere you turn in location 3, you’ll see fields of lavender in bloom. This vast, open area is a fantastic backdrop for pictures of the lots reaching up to the sky. Take some time to stay here and watch the sunset in a changing sky.

Greoux Les Bains

The lavender area near Greoux Les Bains, a great site to stay during your trip, is location 4. You may take fantastic pictures from the automobile as you travel along the gorgeous lavender fields that line the route.

Other Lavender Fields in Provence

There are also some other great locations in Provence to see the French lavender fields. 

  • Pays de Sault (Vaucluse)
  • Luberon (Vaucluse) 
  • Drome Provencale

Tips for Visiting Lavender Fields in Provence 

One of those moments on your bucket list you will never forget is visiting the lavender fields in Provence. But taking care of the breathtaking scenery we are so fortunate to enjoy is also a component of being a responsible traveller.

Respect Farmer’s Wishes

Keep in mind that these are working farms. Therefore, it’s important to honour the wishes of the local producers. Please respect any signs that ask you not to enter.

Be Careful of the Crops

Above all, ensure that you take care not to damage the crops. The economy of Provence depends heavily on the lavender industry, which must be preserved. In light of this, move on to the next place if it’s busy at the current one to prevent crowding.

Tip: There are many peaceful areas throughout the vast place to enjoy or take pictures.

Keep Drones at a Distance

Have they got a drone with you? Obtaining an aerial perspective of the lavender fields in Provence might result in the most breathtaking photographs. But flowers bring bees, and the lavender fields are home to many. They could endanger their safety because they dislike the drone’s sounds and will attack it if it gets too close. As a result, avoid taking off from a distance and flying the drone low over the flowers.

How to Visit the Lavender Fields in Provence

The Valensole Plateau may be reached from Marseille, the closest airport, in about one hour by car. We advise renting a car in Marseille city or from the airport for your vacation.

If you’re arriving in Paris, you can travel to Provence by train; Aix-en-Provence or Marseille are the closest train stations to Valensole. But be advised that the train ride is lengthy—roughly seven hours.

Getting Around

For maximum freedom, rent a car and see Provence’s well-known lavender fields. Due to the lack of public transport, this is the most excellent way to get to know the area.
On the other hand, guided tours from the larger cities are another choice if you cannot drive. You’ll see some of the best locations on these trips, but you’ll have to follow a set timetable.

Best Time to Visit French Lavender Fields

The lavender fields of Provence blossom for a minimal period, usually from the middle of June or July till the end of July/beginning of August. But most of the fields have been harvested by August.
Over the next few weeks, you’ll observe it transform from a faded grey to a vivid purple. Do your homework well before your trip to ensure you don’t miss out on viewing the fields on your bucket list because each one may bloom at a different time.
There’s not much time to see the lavender fields, so that it can get busy, and lodging costs in the nearby towns will increase. Because of this, the end of June is a great time to travel because French schools are not yet on summer break.

Where to Stay Lavender Fields in Provence

When visiting Provence, Valensole is a charming little village to stay in. Though pleasant, there aren’t many lodging options because it’s a small town. As a result, many people decide to stay in the larger neighbouring cities of Marseille or Greoux Les Bains and drive daily to the lavender fields.

Things to do near the Lavender Fields in France

You are mainly travelling to see the lavender fields in Provence. But while you’re there, there are also some fantastic things to do. For instance, going on a day trip to the Gorges du Verdon, a sizable natural canyon that’s excellent for kayaking, or touring the hilltop village of Valensole.

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